What causes traction alopecia

They’re different types and causes of hair loss that effect men and women all over the world. One of the most preventable types of hair loss is traction alopecia. Other hair loss types such as male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia are due to different factors that most people can’t really prevent the causes of those due to genetic or hormonal reasons lack of being able to block Dihydrotestosterone. Traction alopecia however, is caused by stress pressure on your hair follicles.

What exactly is stress pressure on the hair? Traction alopeica is mostly caused by tight hairstyles. More specifically braids. Other styles and factors are pony tails and anything that causes constant pressure on your hair, pulling on it. African American women experience this form of alopecia not because of their ethnic background but most traditionally often braids and or dreadlocks. They are a very popular hair style and when worn over the years it can really do a lot of damage. Most people who are faced with this problem don’t really know how to handle it. Learn more http://www.guideforhairloss.com/
When you pull on the hair follicles it causes them to become red and infect them. This causes a bit of swelling and make the hair follicles shrink and block the hair from growing back. So to avoid this from happening one should not wear their hair in tight hair styles. This is very easy to avoid so if you’re afraid of losing your hair down the line then the smartest thing you can do is no have a hair style that will put your hair at risk. You can find other hair styles that can still make you look stylish and not cause you to lose your hair down the line so why not?

Traction areata is not to be confused with the alopecia counterpart because it is a different type of hair loss. Traction areata causes patches of hair all over the head to fall out rather than the thinning of the front and sides due to the stress of pulling the hair back.

Traction Alopecia

Traction Areata

Above are the difference of both of the hair loss types. As you can see the difference between the two are very obvious. Areata being something that is a bit less preventable than alopecia but you can still find options for traction areata treatment options but they are not as easily preventable as the latter situation. One thing is for sure you don’t have to worry about hair loss being a permanent issue in todays world with methods of so many different treatments for traction alopecia as well as many other forms of hair loss. .…

What Is The Solution Secret To Hair Loss

One can say that hair loss is a huge issue today. A lot of men and women are experiencing hair loss in an increasing rate. Everyone is rushing to try and figure out how they can re-grow their hair and get their hair back on track. With all the craze about different medications such as provillus, rogaine, procerin, and ingredients like biotin etc. Everyone wants to know what is the secret to growing your hair back. Well the secret is, well… multiple things.

Hair loss can be triggered by different things. Some genetic and others due to stress, the increase of DHT, Traction Alopecia etc. Depending on what your core trigger is, different treatments and procedures will help or in some cases not help your case. One of the most common issues in male pattern baldness is the increase of DHT. If that is the cases for you then the solutions is quite simple from a logical perspective… Decrease DHT, but how?

Many different products and natural remedies can help reverse the amount of DHT in the body. Once you can reverse and eliminate the DHT process in your body, your hair will start to grow back to its natural state.